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How to use

How to use image

  1. Open menu to customize website
  2. Select different modes (the names could be changed on the “Customize Website” menu):
    • Basic
    • Advance
    • Information
  3. Reload
    Reload content
    Collapse window
    Open window
    Remove item
  4. PushPin
    Indicate that the item is not movable
  5. You can drag and move individual item to customize on webpage of your choice
  6. Open the HKO main website menu

Video Introduction (Chinese Only)

Video Introduction

System Requirements


The Hong Kong Observatory personalized website is best viewed with Google Chrome (version 29 or above), Mozilla Firefox (version 4 or above), Safari (version 4 or above) or Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 or above). If older versions of these browsers are used, you are recommended to update your browser to the latest versions, with a view to having better user experience. To update your browsers, please visit the following websites:

Browser Configuration

JavaScript has to be enabled on your browser to display the Hong Kong Observatory personalized website.

Cookies are employed by the Hong Kong Observatory personalized website to save user preferences on their computers. No personally identifiable information would be collected and saved. Users may opt for not accepting cookies by changing browser settings. Under such circumstances, user preferences could not be saved and user experience may be affected.

Mobile Device Supports

You may not be able to gain access to all features on this webpage with tablet and smartphone devices. You are recommended to use the “MyObservatory” mobile app.